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T-shirts are great reminders of the past -- sports teams you or your kids played on, your favorite sports teams or Nascar drivers, your college memories, your past vacations, your favorite concerts, etc... It has become very popular to turn t-shirts, that you no longer wear but just can't part with, into t-shirt quilts. Whether you use this special quilt as a decorative wallhanging, cover up with it while you watch tv, or use it to cover your bed, it is sure to be something you will treasure for a very long time. All you need to do is supply the t-shirts and in a few weeks time they will be transformed into a very special quilt for you or someone you love.

T-Shirt Quilt Styles:

---Traditional style setting with cornerstones (the purple squares on the quilt below) or without cornerstones; $15.00/shirt for 12" blocks; $16.00/shirt for 15" blocks

Variable size style: $15-$20/sq.ft. -- (Price depends on the average size of the shirts) In this t-shirt quilt (example below) the shirts are cut the size which best suites the design on the shirts. Then the shirts are laid out in columns according to how wide they are. Shirts close to the same width are kept together in the same columns.

With this style of t-shirt quilt all shirts, regardless of what size they end up, are $18.00/shirt. The finished size of the quilt is impossible to determine until the shirts are cut out to the size which best suites their design. More or less fabric can be added in strips between the shirts in each column and in the strips between the columns to try to get the quilt to finish at a desired size, but cannot be guaranteed.

Quilts can be made from as few as 12 t-shirts for a throw size all the way up to 49 t-shirts for a king size. The exact quilt size will depend on the size of the blocks and also the sashing size (strips of fabric between t-shirt blocks). The prices above include everything needed to make your t-shirt quilt. You supply the t-shirts and we supply the front and back fabric, and batting. Your quilt will be professionally machine quilted and a binding applied around the edges.

Add $5.00/block if 2-4 smaller graphics are used in one block.

Quilting Patterns: Once you decide on which t-shirt quilt style you would like, choose any quilting pattern from the Quilting Patterns page or we can choose what we think will look best on your t-shirt quilt.

Ordering/Payment Info: If you are interested in having a t-shirt quilt made, please contact us by phone or email (see Contact page). You can also find out how to ship your t-shirts to Quilted Blessings, if necessary, and payment options by going to the Ordering/Payment Info page. A 25% deposit is required on all t-shirt quilts before work can begin.


What if I have an odd number of t-shirts? If you must use an odd number of t-shirts, you have several options to fill the extra block(s):
  • Add a photograph, which would be transfered onto fabric
  • Have something printed onto fabric (i.e. the name of a sports team, college name...)
  • Use a different fabric to fill the empty block
Can I use sweatshirts? You may use sweatshirts, as well as t-shirts in the same quilt. However, we may not be able to use shirts with heavy tackle twill letters appliqued onto them or shirts with heavy patches.

Can I choose the fabric for the sashing and backing? You can make color selections. However if you want a particular theme for your fabric, we will try to find what you want, but cannot guarantee it. If you have a special fabric you would like to use, we can use it and deduct a certain amount from the cost of the t-shirt quilt.

How will the quilt be put together? The graphics on your shirts will be cut out and centered within a 12" or 15" square template. A lightweight interfacing material will be ironed onto the back of your shirts to keep them from stretching during the quilt-making process. This in no way makes your t-shirts stiff! Sashing fabric will be added around each t-shirt block, and a border added around the outer edges of all your blocks to finish the quilt top. A quilt sandwich is then made of your quilt top with all your t-shirt blocks, a layer of batting to add thickness and warmth, and a solid piece of backing fabric. These three layers are then joined together on a longarm quilting machine, using a quilting pattern of your choice. It will be machine quilted for durability, using a clear thread. To complete the quilt a double-folded binding will be sewn around the edges of your quilt. All fabrics used in your quilt will be high quality 100% cotton, which have been prewashed to prevent shrinkage of your quilt after its completion. When finished it will be machine washable in cold water and ready to be used for a long time.

Please note that if a smaller graphic design is on a t-shirt, it is not always possible to center the design vertically within a 12" or 15" block.

T-shirt Quilt Waiting List: Please call or e-mail to see how long it will take to have a t-shirt quilt made. Generally, one can be made within one to two months.
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