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Before you can calculate the cost of longarm machine quilting your quilt top, you must know how many square feet are in your quilt.

To calculate square feet:

Multiply the length of the quilt in inches times the width of the quilt in inches = square inches

Square inches of quilt divided by 144 = square feet (sq.ft.)

EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING: Edge to edge quilting is an all-over design, from top to bottom and from side to side, with one color of thread. It can follow a pattern that is applied in interlocking rows or can be a freehand overall design. This is the most economical way to quilt your quilt. See the Quilting Patterns page for many samples to choose from.

$2.15/sq.ft. -- for most overall designs. A few more dense patterns are $2.25/sq.ft.

CUSTOM QUILTING: Custom quilting uses a variety of techniques and patterns to highlight the uniqueness of your quilt top. In general, any technique that requires the use of a ruler, such as stitch-in-the-ditch (SID), or continuous curves (CC) is more expensive.

$4.50/sq.ft. -- for light to moderate custom techniques that involve no SID or ruler work, and no background fillers $5.00/sq.ft. -- for light SID or ruler work combined with custom techniques; moderate background fillers

$5.50/sq.ft. and up -- more extensive SID or ruler work combined with custom techniques, moderate background fillers; includes extensive crosshatching, outlining applique, formal feathers. All custom quilting on samplers is in this category.

MACHINE BASTING: $0.75/sq.ft. basting in one direction, every four inches with approximately one inch stitches, for those who want to hand quilt. (Please keep in mind that there is a $25 minimum quilting charge)

THREAD: Prices above include poly thread.

SET UP CHARGE: All quilts will be charged a $5.00 set up fee, regardless of size. This is a minimal charge to begin to offset the cost of thread and time spent loading a quilt and setting up the computer.

RUSH CHARGE: If you want a quilt done within one month of the time you bring it in or put it on the waiting list, there will be a rush charge equal to 20% of your total quilting charges.


You can supply your own batting, or I can offer it to you at a fair price. In my opinion, if you have chosen nice, quality fabrics for your quilt top, you should follow through with a nice quality batting which will extend the life of your quilt. I reserve the right to refuse to use some battings because of their extreme thinness or tendency to have an uneven loft, almost creating bald spots. 


I prefer and carry  Quilters Dream battings in the shop.

Wide Backings:

Using wide backings makes quilting your quilts so much easier. And, in case you didn’t know, wide quilt backs are much more economical than piecing together $11.00/yard fabric. Most wide backings (108”) of high quality fabric are $15.00-$18.00/yard, which is much more economical.  The shop carries several wide backings, including natural and bleached muslin, for your convenience.



Binding: Prepared with fabric you provide:

  • $0.10/linear inch -- binding prepared, and machine attached to front of quilt
  • $0.20/linear inch -- binding prepared, machine attached to front, hand stitched to back
  • $0.30/linear inch -- curved bindings, machine attached to front, hand stitched to back
Backing Preparation:
  • $5.00-$7.00/seam (depending upon size of quilt) to piece the backing
  • $5.00-$7.00 to square up the backing

Quilt Repairs: Quilts with wavy borders or areas that will not lie flat require extra work that WILL result in extra charges. Minimal fullness can be eased in without problems, but too much fullness will result in pleats or tucks if additional work is not done to fix problem areas before quilting.


There is a minimum charge of $20.00 for any quilt.

The minimum charge is due to the fact that the quilting charges on a smaller quilt cannot cover the time spent preparing and loading a quilt onto the quilting machine, and setting up the computer.

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